StarMed clinical evidence

Published studies on the StarMed range of CPAP and NIV respiratory hoods. For more information on the full StarMed range, including information sheets, videos and enquiries, please visit

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With over 100 studies published on StarMed, the aim of this database is to give you all of it, in one place, that's easy to navigate. There are three ways you can use this site to find the study or scenario you are looking for.

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The search bar does just that - allows you to enter search terms to bring up relevant studies.


Each study is allocated to categories. Clicking on one of these categories will bring up a list of studies from that clinical setting.


Using tags gives the most defined search, allowing you to filter down the list of studies to those covering the year of publication, scenario, patient type, journal, authors, comparable device and more. For example if you wish to see studies published in a particular journal simply click the relevant tag.